Cardboard boxes are the main protection your product has when you send it to your customers. Without a box, they become a loose good and they’re more susceptible to being lost or damaged by the people who handle it in transit.

If you sell more than one product, a variety of boxes are important.
If you sell more than one product, a variety of boxes are important.

This makes choosing the right box for your product incredibly important. When you send your product in the wrong box, you’re running the risk of extra costs due to damages and returns. There are periods during the year, especially Christmas where you should take extra care due to the number of parcels the couriers handle.

The main things you want to take into account are the durability of the box, the weight of your product and the size of your product. You may get away with single wall cardboard boxes if the item is small and light, but that doesn’t protect it if it’s crushed by another heavy parcel.

Double-wall cardboard boxes would be the obvious option in that sense, but they add an extra cost and you may use more packing materials than usual as you cannot mould the box to the design of the product.

In this post, we’re going to be outlining how you can choose the best box based on the parameters of your product.


Depending on whether the product is small, medium or large, you want a box that fits loosely around your box. This is so in case the package hits something else, it won’t be damaged. You can then secure your product with packaging material to make sure your package is secured in the box.

For the extra-small parcels, you can use our letter-box boxes. These boxes fit perfectly into 30 cm by 5 cm letterboxes and the main amazing benefit of these are they can be delivered wherever there is a letterbox available and don’t need to the customer to be in.

If you sell a variety of products, you should consider purchasing a varied range of boxes, this will ensure you have flexibility in case someone orders 2 or more of your products.

If you just have the one product you sell, then all of the sizes of our boxes are listed in our product pages to make sure you choose the right size – try leaving at least 2 cm for your packaging material.


Once you have the right size of the box, you want to figure out how much it’s going to weigh. This will determine what kind of box you need. Cre8 state on average, a single-walled cardboard box can weigh 32 lbs which are about 14.5 kg. We must state that this is not always the case, this is an average across all the box. If your product weights more on one particular side, then you run the risk of damaging the box due to weight overload.

CS Packaging state that double-walled cardboard boxes can hold up to 68 kg, but that will depend on the size of the box. Strong-boxes are essential for heavy-duty products. They add that extra level of protection as they’re less likely to be damaged from other boxes that are fallen and when paired with good packing, it will be almost impossible to damage.


Whilst you may think that the stiffer products are better, that’s not always the case.

Single-walled boxes are easy manipulated to mould the shape of a product. You can easily re-shape the box to the other shape of the product you are trying to pack before you securely fasten it with other packaging products such as sellotape.

As previously mentioned in this post, double-walled boxes are harder to break down and they’re a lot more rigid, which is why they’re widely used for removal boxes. Due to their rigidness, they’re also brilliant for easy assembly which makes them quicker and easier to pack.

Package says that on average, the thickness of single-walled cardboard is between 1.1 mm and 1.3 mm. That is not enough for heavy products, which is why double-walled are better as they are between 3.9 mm and 4.3 mm thick.

The thickness of a box is extremely important when packing your product.
The thickness of a box is extremely important when packing your product.

If you’re looking to purchase cardboard boxes for your business, Alltape has what you need. Choose from our wide range of high-quality cardboard boxes. Some of which come from 100% recycled materials. Whether your parcel is big, small, light or heavy – we have what you are looking for.

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